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Khanty-Mansi Autonomous okrug – Ugra is a region of the Russian Federation located in the central part of West Siberian Plain. The territory of Ugra is so large that it could host seven countries like Belgium or one country like France. Ugra includes 9 districts and 13 urban districts. It is also the most populous region entirely located in the northern area, as well as one of the “youngest” regions in Russia. The sustainability of the demographic development in the area is achieved due to two factors: a young age structure of the population and a low mortality rate.

urban districts
Housing and Construction

Ugra is one of the most urbanized regions of Russia with a share of urban population reaching 92.3%. There are special programs for the construction industry development, which are successfully implemented in the area to provide the housing people need. Surgut is by far the largest city of Ugra, with its population count being over 396 thousand people, and its area being 354 square kilometers (136.68 sq. miles). Every year, thousands square meters of residential, commercial, corporate and industrial real estate are constructed, thus increasing the area of the city even more.

urban population

Gross coverage of the Ugra population with education is 101.26%, which corresponds to the level of most developed countries. There are over 877 education organizations in the region with more than 483 thousand students.

Surgut State University is one of them. It is located in the city of Surgut. It was established back in 1993 at the initiative of the Government of Ugra. The University combines six educational Institutes and one college, employing over seven hundred people of academic and teaching staff. As of 2022, SurGU ranked 35th in Top 100 Russia's Best Universities, as presented by HeadHunter (, Russia's leading job search website and HR agency

over 877
educational organizations
Sports in Ugra

Ugra is famous for being a sports region both in Russia and worldwide. According to the statistics, 35.45% of people in the region are systematically engaged in physical education and sports. Over 96 sports are being developed and practised here. Regional and federal government, as well as corporate entities invest in the development of sports scene in the area.


Culture in Ugra

The cultural life in Ugra is diverse and bright. The world stars of contemporary music, artists, theatric actors and writers of regional and national significance are all presented here.

The Rich Region of Ugra

Ugra is the leading oil and gas supplier of Russia, being the first among all regions of Russia in terms of oil production and the second one in terms of gas production. According to the explored reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials, the place remains Russia's leading strategic resource base for the decades to follow.

Forest & aquatic Resources

Gathering and using wild plants are traditional kinds of economic activity in the territory of Ugra. The use of berries, mushrooms, herbs and birch bark is widely known in many traditional cultures of ethnicities living in modern Ugra. The region is rich in aquatic biological resources. The river network of the region is formed by two trunk rivers, Ob and Irtysh, and their numerous tributaries.

of Russian forests


Ethnographic tourism is a signature of Ugra. The ancient culture of the Khanty and Mansi people (small native tribes of the North) is of great interest for both tourists and researchers. Visiting native settlements and villages, being a guest in the real choom, riding a reindeer sled, learning secrets of national cuisine - all these opportunities are provided to citizens and guests of Ugra by various tourist programs. These programs include, but are not limited to gourmet trips, tourist paths and museum tours.

Apart from this, Ugra has a number of resorts, making the region attractive for recreational tourism. Local natural environment has a beneficial influence on people's health, thus being able to prevent a number of diseases.

Business in Ugra

Ugra is a rapidly growing and developing region. Small and medium-size enterprises are being actively developing and establishing alongside the major oil and gas producing companies. Ugra is one the most attractive region for investments. Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug strives to be the best place for permanent residence and thus continue its further development as a leading region, or locomotive, of Russia’s economic growth. It aspires to become the center of development for other regions and to ensure innovative economy development as well as national energy security.

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