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Every year on September 1, Russia celebrates the Knowledge Day. After long summer vacations, the universities open their doors for students. There are many traditions in Surgut State University. At the beginning of the academic year, the students light the Flame of Knowledge and pass through the gate, holding their hands. They do so in order to have good luck with their studies.

In the end of September, all students come together for a tourist rally. Young people participate in creative and physical activities in the territory of Saima Park, located close to the University. Since Russia is a multinational country, and more than 120 ethnicities live in Yugra, the annual tourist rally is a great way to get accustomed to each other’s cultural traditions and try various dishes.

Fresh students can show off their talents at the annual creative contest Freshman’s Debut. Young people dance, sing, stage performances, recite poems, make videos and even more. For example, for almost a year our students have been shooting the music video for the song I am a student of Surgut State University composed by Asif Mamedov. Freshman's Debut takes place every fall, bringing hundreds of students together

Our foreign students are allowed to celebrate their national holidays within University's walls. Not only this lets us be respectful of their cultural traditions, but also helps local students get introduced to different cultures. One such event is Republic Day of India celebrated by our Indian students on January 26. They host a bright and memorable event in the Multifunctional Hall of SurGU, which anyone can visit and enjoy.

Annual competitions Beauty of Surgut State University (Miss Surgut State University) and Mister Surgut State University lie among the University’s traditional creative events, with not only beautiful and talented students, but also the most intelligent ones being voted for and awarded.

For those hard-working and motivated people who pay great attention to their studies, we hold the Best Academic Group annual contest. The students of the Medical Institute have won the Best Academic Group of the Year title twice in a row. As the saying goes, “picture’s worth a thousand words”, we suggest you watch the video that the students have shot for the contest! The winners of the Best Academic Group contest are awarded with a winter vacation tour to Saint Petersburg, Russian nationwide cultural center.

Here in Russia we also have Science Day, which is celebrated annually on February 8. The students take part in the event not only by presenting the results of their research, but also by participating in the dance party known as the Ball of Science. Young researchers, including students and lectures, dance waltz, polonaise and mazurka, enjoying the live music performed by the Surgut Philharmonic orchestra.

Beforehand, each participant has a chance to write down a single wish on a piece of paper and put it inside a rotating drum. When the Ball comes to an end, the Rector of the University picks three wishes to be fulfilled.

The students also have lots of opportunities to showcase their talents throughout an entire year. During the first warm days, the University hosts one of the most popular events called The Students’ Spring Festival.

At the end of an academic year, senior students have an opportunity to compete for the title of the Best SurGU Graduate and get a chance to be hired by one of the city-forming companies. To win the competition, participants have to present themselves, their projects, results of their scientific activity and the professional skills acquired the best way possible.

Having worked hard and got excellent marks in all the exams, the students are awarded with Diplomas with Honors at the University Solemn Ceremony.

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