Bachelor's degree

A bachelor's degree is a complete higher education. You will receive general fundamental preparation, that at once allows you to start working by profession or to continue education for Master's Degree.

Requirements for candidates: general middle education

Academic terms (full-time tuition): 4 years

Graduate qualification: Bachelor's degree

Graduation document: The Diploma of Bachelor's degree

Further education: Master's degree

Master's Degree

Education for Master's Degree deepens specialization in the chosen direction. After finishing the education, one may practice in the professional sphere or to be engaged in scientific activity in a postgraduate study.

Requirements for candidates: Bachelor's degree, specialist degree

Academic terms (full-time tuition): 2 years

Graduate qualification: Master's degree

Graduation document: The Diploma of Master's degree

Further education: Postgraduate study

Specialist degree

The specialist degree gives you both foundamental and practical preparation. You will be able to be engaged in professional sphere right after the end of education, to continue education in for master’s degree or to be engaged in scientific activity in a postgraduate study. For specialists programme belong all medical, military and and some technical specialities.

Requirements for candidates general middle education

Academic terms (full-time tuition): Not less than 5 years

Graduate qualification: Specialists degree

Graduation document: The Diploma of specialist’s degree

Further education: Master's degree or postgraduate study

Postgraduate study

The main form of preparation of a scientific personnel in Russia is a postgraduate study. Education in a postgraduate study consists of several blocks:

  • Educational part
  • Pedagogical activities
  • Practice
  • Research work

Upon finishing of a postgraduate study you should defend the dissertation then you will receive the first degree confirming the status of the scientist – candidate of science degree.


Institutes of surgut state university for you

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We ensure the high quality of training specialists through educational, scientific and clinical activities, corresponding to the level of the best national and world medical schools on the basis of innovative technologies.

We provide a significant contribution to improving the health of the population and increasing its longevity by raising the effectiveness of fundamental and applied scientific research.

We implement an effective model of social relationship of the Medical Institute and the Health care system with society.

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Institute of Natural and Technical Sciences

We provide education on Nature Sciences in Ugra. We are training highly qualified specialists for solving the strategic tasks of the region. We aspire to be a leading institute — the best in innovations and cooperation with businesses and enterprises.

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Engineering INSTITUTE

We develop and create new directions for training the highly qualified personnel to ensure the growth of scientific and technical potential in Ugra, based on the priority tasks of the advanced development of our okrug.

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Institute of Humanities and Sport

We ensure a high quality education enabling the graduates to be competitive on the modern labor market in accordance with the socio-economic needs of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra.

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Institute of Economics and management

We are a sufficient provider of competitive economic and management personnel in the region being the leading developer of researches in the field of regional economy.

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Institute of State and Law

We ensure a high quality education for scholars by means of academic, scientific and innovative activities, providing a significant contribution to the protection of social rights and interests.