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Jun 21, 2024 | SurGU Graduates To Join Scientific Military Company

Two graduates of Surgut State University's Polytechnical Institute, Alexander Rassadin and Vladislav Khamrik, finishing their studies for Applied Mathematics and Computer Science program this year, are to join the scientific military company stationed in the ERA (Elite of Russian Army) technopolis run by Russia's Ministry of Defense. The two of them were the first 

Alexander, 22, has proven himself to be an expert in hydrodynamics. During his studies, he showed exceptional performance on regional scientific conferences. He models liquids and gasses motions, turbulent currents using specific software. This was the topic of his graduation paper.

Vladislav, 25, is a professional in sport programming. His coding skills were honed in various competitons and professional mastery contests. While Vladislav graduated SurGU with master's degree in applied mathematics and computer science, his bachelor's degree was in oil and gas industry.

Jun 18, 2024 | SurGU Delegation at 15th International IT Forum

Mission from Surgut State University took part in the 15th International IT Forum in Khanty-Mansiysk, which was also attended by representatives of BRICS and SCO countries.

Dozens of innovative companies, industry experts and government officials from both around Russia and abroad gathered to present revolutionary IT-driven solutions in wide range of fields, including oil industry, medicine, education and more.

SurGU was also presented by the Regional Resource Center for Financial Literacy. While at the forum, the Center gave master classes on financial safety in digital environment, and presentations on topical platforms.

Jun 4, 2024 | Interregional Convention of Medics

The 8th Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference, which welcomed practicing medics from a number of Russian regions. took place in Surgut State University. It was dedicated to the highly relevant issues and problems of coloproctologic diseases and treatment of coloproctologic patients, their rehabilitation and diagnosis. Doctors discussed problems of children's gastral diseases and specifics of their treatment, as well as development of new medical tactics.

Statistics show that during previous year, 988 patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, of which 731 people are under medical watch.Widespread introduction of modern and appropriate diagnostic and treatment methods, comprehensive assessment of individual patient "profile", personalized approach to risk management, adequate approach to therapy and dynamic monitoring of patients in the region - this is what the near future of regional healthcare is to be like.

May 29, 2024 | 2024 Best Graduate

Every year, Surgut State University selects its best graduate. Candidates for this honored title have to present their achievements to the potential employers, most of which are top-rated companies of federal and regional level. In 2024, a total of 12 people took part in this traditional annual event.

As per this year, Rostislav Sazikov from Polytechnical Institute was awarded the prestigious title of 2024 SurGU Best Graduate. Rostislav is known as the cofounder of EDRO Technology software startup, which he launched together with Edmon Tunyan, 2023 Best Graduate. Together, Edmon and Rostislav have developed a number of mobile apps targeted at people with diabetes and medical tech industry.

May 24, 2024 | SurGU Celebrates 31st Birthday

May 24 is celebrated in Russia as the Slavic Literacy and Culture day. This year, alongside with it, Surgut State University has celebrated its 31st birthday. Various festive events were held within the University, with the VIP guests from a;ll around Ugra having been invited. During the ceremonial gathering in the SurGU Theater, the outstanding University's employees were traditionally awarded with diplomas for their exemplary performance.

Apr 26, 2024 | Sports Elite 2024

Sports Elite, the traditional event took place in Surgut State University. 90 of the best students as for the results of the sports season were awarded on the stage of SurGU Theater.

These people are not just the best athletes of the University. Members of Surgut University, Ugra regional and Russian national teams, as well as the most active participants of different sports and physical educational events, SurGU tutors and trainers are those who contribute to and impact the development of sports and physical education in Ugra and in Russia.

In 2023, SurGU sports teams took part in over 70 competitions of different levels

Apr 4, 2024 | 28th Science of 60th Latitude Regional Conference

The 28th Science of 60th Latitude Open Regional Students' Scientific Conference was held in Surgut State University on April 4. Having been opened in Library and Information Center atrium, it featured over 1,100 papers to be presented across 57 different sections. As usual, not only students of SurGU, but also their potential employers took part in the conference to evaluate students' papers and seek out for prospectuous candidates.

Topics of the presentations range from IT and engineering to medicine and philosophy. SurGU students get involved in scientific research starting at their first year of education, says Nikolai Khvorov, head of Students Scientific Community, third-year Polytechnic Institute student.

The best papers will later be published as part of a digital compendium which will be available on the University's website.

Mar 21, 2024 | Annual Student Spring Festival

Surgut State University Theater held a traditional gala concert dedicated to the 26th annual Student Spring Festival, an event, where students from all around the SurGU gather to showcase their talents. While the gala featured over 10 select performances: vocal and instrumental, staged performances and fashion shows, in total several dozens of works were submitted to the contest. All prizewinners were awarded with diplomas and gifts from the University and festival's sponsors. In 2024, the Student Spring Festival was held for the 26th time.

Mar 12, 2024 | Miss SurGU 2024 Contest held

Traditional annual contest of beauty, intelligence, elegance and sport Miss SurGU 2024dedicated to the International Women's Day was hosted in Surgut State University. This year, nine select participants were competing for the honorable title.

Contestants were faced with a number of challenges where they had to showcase their artistic talents, intelligence, sports and communicative skills. One of the tasks featured the first aid. To prepare for this very challenge, participants attended the first aid course organized by the Institute of Secondary Medical Education students.

The title and crown of Miss SurGU 2024 were awarded to Anastasia Razdobreyeva from Institute of Economy and Management. Renata Davletyarovawas proclaimed as Vice Miss SurGU 2024. The winner in Miss Online nomination was Valeria Aptrakova. All nine contestants were rewarded with valuable prizes from the University and the competition's s[pnsors.

Mar 7, 2024 | International Scientific Symposium on Paedagogics

An international symposium was held in Surgut State University in cooperation with Surgut State Paedagogic University, Donetsk State University, Francysk Skarina Homyel State University (Belarus) and Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University (Belarus). Discussions revolved around the classic high education and primal tasks of education system development, such as second qualification implementation. Other topics of the conference included the education digitization, data analysis and evidence-based education.

This means that modern teacher has to adapt easily to any possible changes, obtain new knowledge independently and find new ways to apply it in teaching practice. They also have to be able to think critically, be digitally competent and ba able to resolve different tasks using advanced information technologies.

Sections of the symposium were dedicated to psychology, paedagogics, linguodidactics and more. The main objective was to exchange experience between the experts. A digital compilation of participants' scientific papers will be published as the result of the conference.

Feb 27, 2024 | SurGU Delegation Arrives from RUSSIA EXPO

Surgut State University delegation took part in RUSSIA EXPO, the international expo forum in Moscow's VDNH center, which takes place from November 4, 2023 to July 8, 2024.

SurGU was represented by Inna Kanakova, tutor for nursing in therapy, Anastasia Lokotkova and Sofya Vasilenko, Institute of Secondary Medical Education third-year students, as well as Institute of Humanities and Sport and Institute of Nature and Technical Sciences students Alisa Zhivilova and Alexandra Filchak.

The Expo's primary goal s to display Russia's most important achievements in different fields of economy at one location. As of February 2024, 7 million people have already visited the exposition and checked out the country's newest and groundbreaking solutions. The participants include all 89 regions of Russia, federal ministries, corporate entities and public organizations of different kinds. Guests have a chance of trying out the traditional cuisine of Russia's many ethnicities, purchase goods made within the country such as food, handmade souvenirs, garments, musical instruments and more. The exposition program involves cultural, educational, business and festival parts, which include different events.

Feb 22, 2024 | Mister SurGU 2024 Contest

Traditional Mister SurGU annual contest of courage and talent was held in the University on February 22, with eight people from seven institutes taking part in the event. The competition included artistic. sportive and intellectual stages.

This year, the title of Mister SurGU was awarded to Djamal Gasanov, Institute of Secondary Medical Education student. He also is a winner of Mister Artistism nomination. Bogdan Plesovskikh was nomonated as Vice Mister SurGU, winning two more titles, those being Mister Strongman and Mister SurGU Online. Participants from previous year, Alisher Boltabayev and Andrei Sidenko, also conquered the titles, those being Mister Talent and Mister Couragerespectively.

Djamal Gasanov noted that his strongest personality traits, which eventually helped him win the contest, are leadership, straightforwardness, persistence and the ability to set and achieve his goals. He dedicated his victory to his mother, supporting him from his home city.

Feb 19 – 20, 2024 | Learning by Serving Intensive Started

An educational intensive, being a part of Learning by Serving federal program, started on February 19 and 20. Students' teams involved in the intensive will be creating socially significant projects for a number of national, regional and local socially oriented non-profit organizations. The program was launched nationwide on September 1, 2023, having over 100 universities and colleges across the country joined it.

While partaking in the intensive, students will apply their professional skills to solve the real socially significant tasks, in cooperation with the aforementioned NPOs. The participants' teams will present their projects in May, when the intensive concludes.

Feb 14 – 16, 2024 | 13th Russian nAtional Scientific and Practical Conference on SocioEconomic Development

13thContemporary Issues, Trends and Perspectives of Socioeconomic DevelopmentRussian National Scientific and Practical Conference takes place in Surgut State University February 14 to 16, 2024. Academics, young scientists and experts from business community, banking sector and local authorities, were eagerly expressing their interest for the scientific approach to the new challenges for Russian economy, industry and society, which they are facing in the digital age.

Oksana Galyuta, SurGU's Institute of Economy and Management Vice Director, noted that the conference involves discussion of such topics as territorial socioeconomic sustainable development, taxation issues, financial development, currency circulation, credit and many other. In total, 152 applications were submitted, both from Russia and abroad. International participation is represented by speakers from Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The conference features a multitude of events for participants and guests to visit. These include four discussion boards, scientific and practical workshops, webinars and roundtables. There, participants were able to study and present their own view on a number of strategic questions ranging from economic security and corporate management to socioeconomic systems sustainable development and financial and credit sphere evolution. Conference also gave platform for bachelors', masters and postgraduate students of SurGU to present and try out their research theses.

On February 15, the event involved a roundtable discussion "Internal Control and Internal Audit: The Industrial Specifics", as well as the "Focus on Science" meetup with talented students, where they shared their experience.

Finally, on February 16, participants will share their practical experience in increasing the management efficiency through lean manufacturing implementation. The conference will conclude with a resolution, which is to state the perspectives and means of socioeconomic development of both Ugra and Russia.

Feb 14, 2024 | 5th Russian Society of Political Scientists Assembly

Nadezhda Ushakova, Mikhail Martynov and Vasily Markhinin, all three of them being professors of department of political science at SurGU's Institute of State and Law, took part in the 5th Russian Society of Political Scientists Assembly in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Region in Russia. Over 350 scientists and experts from 64 regions of Russia took part in this major event, which took place on February 10 and 11, 2024.

Civilizational Development of Contemporary Russia: Strategic Course and Political Practices was defined as the key topic of the assembly. These days, Russia is facing an important choice: it strives to preserve its unique identity and adhere to the strict national course while maintaining the dialog and cooperation with all parties interested in the creation of a more secure and fair world. In his speech to the assembly's delegates, President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated the main goal of the Russian Society of Political Scientists is the formation of a politically literate and responsible citizen ready to serve their nation's good. The work of political science society thus becomes specifically important in the face of a civilizational challenge set before Russia.

The event featured roundtable discussions and topical sections on the issues of elections, traditions of democracy in Russia, spiritual and cultural foundations of civilization, sovereignty and independence of national states, political education, and state of today's politics in the wake of global digital transformations.

Feb 12, 2024 | Scientific Seminar on Biobanking

Scientific seminar on biobanking took place in Surgut State University on February 12, 2024 as part of the chain of events dedicated to the Russian Science Day celebration. Anna Morozkina, research specialist of SurGU's Medical Institute, spoke about the formation of biobank, its functions and the data stored within.

The biobank is an official organization which is responsible for receiving, processing, storing and distributing biologic samples and associated data for future use. There exist research, clinical, populational and mixed-purpose biobanks.

The history of biobanks in Russia dates back to the 1950s, when the first collections of biological samples were beginning to form. In 2018, the National Biobanks Association was created. As of now, it features 32 biobanks across the entire country, with Surgut State University being one of those. Two years ago, the biobank of Ugra was opened on its basis, its purpose being the conducting research in cooperation with the University's other departments and clinical bases.

Feb 8, 2024 | Ball of Science 2024

The annual Ball of Science is a traditional key event of the Russian Science Day celebrated in Surgut State University. This year, it was attended not only by students and academic staff of SurGU, but also by guests from Donetsk People's Republic and students of Lyantor Public School.

The event was prefaced by a number of master classes for participants, which introduced them to the mouches (a.k.a. beauty spots) language, etiquette, accessories' meaning. The guests were able to take part in a number of activities set up on the platform of Library and Information Center.

For the entire event, the Library Atrium turned into an attracting point of elegance and beauty, with the guests displaying not only good manners, but also their dancing skills, performing the waltz, mazurka, polonaise and polka – all of them being classic ball dances from 18th and 19th centuries.

Another tradition of the Ball is the Wishes Lottery. Before the event started, each student had a chance to write their wish on a piece of paper and place it inside a rotating drum for SurGU rector to draw three random wishes and grant them. In 2024, Arina Batretdinova and Ksenia Suleimanova (Institute of Nature and Technical Sciences and Institute of State and Law respectively) wished for joining the top 20 students on their summer trip to the Altai Mountains, and Aikhan Mamedov expressed his wish for the Institute of Economy and Management active students' hall renovation.

Feb 8, 2024 | SurGU Celebrates the Science Day

An open dialog between the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra vice governor Yelena Shumakova and the students was held in the Surgut State University. Not only SurGU students, but also students from Surgut State Pedagogic University, Donetsk Academy of Management and Public Service, Donetsk National Technical University and Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky Donetsk National University of Economy and Trade were taking part in the dialog.

Alongside Yelena Shumakova, the talks with the youth were joined by Sergei Kosenok, Surgut State University rector; Alexander Gomzyak, Vice Director of Ugra Department of Education and Science; Timur Aubakirov, head of Department's Children's Education and Security Unit; Vladimir Kvasha, head of DonNUET Department of Youth Policy and Educational Activities; Svyatoslav Bolotov and Roman Voyko, SurGU and SurGPU Vice Rectors for Youth Policy.

The talks were centered around the prospects for education and career growth. Apart from it, the visitors were able to hear the two lectures, Leadership through Extracurricular Projects and Labor Union in University as a Bridge to Social Justice and Equality, presented by Student Council President Danila Prozherin and Student Labor Union President Tigran Nersisyan.

Overall, the dialog between the higher schools' administrative representatives and the youth ended up being constructive and full of trust, ensuring the synergy of generations within cooperation

Feb 8, 2024 | Happy Russian Science Day

Dear colleagues, students and employees of Surgut State University,

Congratulations on Russian Science Day!

Scientific achievements and technological breakthroughs drastically change the people's lives for the better. give new impulses to drive the economy growth and technologic development, thus ensuring the Russian Federation's steady advencement in the long run.

Among all the strongest features of Russian science lie the lasting traditions of research, blueprints and headstarts in a number of key profiles, highly qualified staff, aspiration for creativity and inventing, and a widespread network of scientific organizations.

This year is a special one! This year we celebrate the 300th anniversary of Russia Academy of Sciences foundation, which is undoubtedly the leading instrument of scientific development of the nation.

Both in Russian Federation and in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra a complex financial, social and professional support program for young scientists is implemented.

Our university provides an intellectual innovative, creative, educational environment which grants the advanced possibilities to the entire collective. SurGU is a member of Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership program. By Decree of Russian Federation Government, we are assigned a status of UNITY PARK Innovative Scientific and Techbological Center establishment initiator. These large-scale projects open the new horizon for research and development works.

Russia is strong primarily through its talents! The university is proud of its academic community of scientists and young researchers of SurGU!

May the goals of Science and Technology Decade in Russia be completed successfully! And may even more youth be involved in research activity, thus resolving the tasks important for society and the nation.

Wish you all new scientific ideas and constant self-improvement, as well as good health, inspiration and as much energy as possible!

Best regards,
Sergei Kosenok, Surgut State University rector.

Feb 1, 2024 | WYF 2024 to be Visited by SurGU Students

2024 World Youth Festival (WYF 2024) will take place March 1 to 7 on Sirius Federal Territory near the city of Sochi, Russia. The festival is planned to be visited by a total of 20,000 of both Russian and foreign talented and prospectuous young people specializing in business, media, international cooperation, culture, science, education, volunteering, sports, charity and many other fields of social life. Surgut State University students are amongst those lucky ones.Two of them areDarya Grinko, third-year history student (Institute of Humanities and Sport) andAdelina Kayumova, third-year HR management student (Institute of Economy and Management). The applicant had to provide an achievements portfolio and record a video self-presentation as an application material.

Jan 29 – 30, 2024 | In Memory of the Holocaust Victims

From January 15 to 31, Surgut State University held a series of events dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust victims, with SurGU Scientific Library being the platform. Throughout the entire period, the exhibition Holocaust: Memory with No Limitation was hosted in the library. It featured an exposition of books, be it documentary, scientific or fiction, dedicated to these horrifying events. Amongst the books presented was the infamous diary of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who was hiding away from the Nazi occupants in Amsterdam.

On January 29, students were invited for a screening of a short movie Shoes (2012), directed by Konstantin "Costa" Fam. The film through the perspective of just a pair of woman's shoes tells the story of one life taken abruptly in the fire of the Holocaust. Right after the screening, Vasily Markhinin, assisted professor of SurGU's political science department gave a lecture on the siege of Leningrad. In it, he spoke in detail about the 1944 Leningrad-Novgorod Offensive, a strategic offensive operation of the Red Army which not only helped lift the siege, but also threw back German forces occupying the adjacent territories.

Finally, on January 30, the Herbarium of Words book club hosted a literary evening dedicated to discussion of John Boyne's novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Centered around a 9-year-old boy Bruno, it shows the atrocities of the Holocaust seen with the eyes of a naive child who has no full understanding of the events transpiring around him.

The tragedy of the Holocaust left its mark in the memory of the entire humanity, as he had taken its toll on many families around the world. This is a part of our history that must never be allowed to repeat, and it's why we have to not only remember it and know about it, but also make everything possible to not let such atrocities resurge.

Jan 26, 2024 | Republic Day in India

Dear students,

Both on behalf of Surgut State University's collective and on personal note I congratulate you on your national holiday, the Republic Day!

Russia and India have been partners for a long time already. Both nations cooperate in many fields of their bilateral relationships.

We are glad to have the representatives of Indian youth studying in SurGU Medical Institute. I am sure that knowledge obtained by them within our University will be applied for the good of the Republic, as well as the entire world.

We are proud of your success! You take active part in the University's life, and the knowledge of your country's traditions are enriched thanks to you.

I believe that by joint efforts we will continue to strengthen the cooperation in the fields of science and education.

On this high day significant to the history of India, I wish all of you commitment, success in mastering professional knowledge and constant self-improvement.

Wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity!

Sergei Kosenok, Surgut State University rector

Jan 17, 2024 | SurGU Athletes on URFO Championship

Surgut State University students took part in the Ural Federal District (UrFO) championship in Chelyabinsk among junior and youth teams in U18 and U20 categories. Three first-year students from Institute of Humanities and Sport have brought home a total of four medals in different disciplines.

Angelina Bobrikhas taken the second place in triple jump, with the difference between hers and the winner's distances being just four centimeters. One more silver medal was conquered by Darya Filippovich, this time in pentathlon. Maria Lobanova has taken second and third places in hurdles, for 2,000 and 3,000 meters respectively.

Jan 17, 2024 | Conference on Ancient Technologies

Archaeologists from Surgut State University's Ugra Archaeology and Ethnography Center took part in the History, Science and Technologies of South Asian Ceramics conference in Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) in Chennai, India. The conference took place January 5 to 9, 2024. Alongside with Russian delegation presented by Oleg Kardash (head of Ugra Archaeology and Ethnography Center) and Yekaterina Girchenko, the event was attended by researchers from India, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy and United States.

Oleg and Yekaterina presented a paper on chemotechnological features of ceramics created by Hlai people (also known as Li people), an ethnicity, indigenous to Hainan Island of China. Research paper detailed the chemical composition of different clay types used by the Li in their pottery. The clay samples were collected from a number of traditional extraction areas and compared against each other. Apart from it, the temperature of Hlai pots baking was also stated in the research. The next conference announced will be dedicated to metal, a material which redefined the ancient technologies forever.

Jan 15, 2024 | 2023 Tyumen Region's Professional Lawyer

Kirill Yeliseyev, SurGU's Institute of State and Law 4th year student, has won a prize within the Young Orator nomination of the 28th Tyumen Region's Professional Lawyer regional contest. The nomination was established in 2023, and Kirill has thus become one of its first prizetakers. He was marked by the special prize from Tyumen Region Duma.

The yearly competition welcomes participants among law students, beginner specialists and experienced law practitioners from Tyumen Region, Ugra and Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug. This year the contest saw 260 entrants taking part in it, of which only 25 have made it to the finals, five of them being students. The final tasks featured written questions and the showcase of public speech skills.

Jan 12, 2024 | SurGU Students To Become Finalists of National Political Management Project

Team of Institute of Economy and Management students entered the finals of YouRule national political management project organized by Hugher School of Economy and Rosmolodezh (Federal Agency for Youth Affairs). 

SurGU team is composed of five students: Anastasia Metla, Yelizaveta Yevsev'yeva, Maria Solostova, Svetlana Mazeina and Rostislav Ivanov, and curated by Candidate of Economic Sciences Anna Zadimidchenko.

All the tasks the team was faced previously with were based on real expertise in political consulting, state management and analytics. The team is now preparing to face the project's final stage. And we wish them good luck in their challenges.

Jan 11, 2024 | SurGU Students at Environmental Volunteers Rally

Khanty-Mansiysk hosted the first Open ECOvolunteers Rally, which was visited by hundreds of eco activists, students and NPO representatives from all around Russia and nearest countries. Surgut State University's "E.C.O." team presented by Alexander Usoltsev, Maria Zap'yantseva, Anastasia Khmeleva and Aslan Vagidov.

Rally participants discussed different practices of environmental protection for the regions' sustainable development, ecological education and green trends, delved into the options of international cooperation. After discussion, participants split into the ecolabs workgroups. By the end of the event, teams presented their own projects of environmental problems solution. These projects included compensatory wood planting and sturgeons breeding, but were not limited to them. These particular projects drew interest of activists not only from Russia, but also from Belarus and Kazakhstan

Jan 4, 2024 | Latest Students' Achievements in Sports Review

Students' sports life keeps going on every day. Our students regularly take part in various competitions of different significance and level, and the last few weeks were no exception. Here is a short review of the latest achievements and rewards SurGU students brought home.

  • Anton Fedin, student of Medical College (now known as Institute of Secondary Medical Education) became a winner at Russian Junior Judo Championship, which took place in Tula from November 23 to 26, 2023. Won a gold medal among participants under 100 kg
  • Dmitry Leonov from Institute of Economy and Management, scored two bronze medals during the Russian Reserve National Swimming Competition in Saransk (Nov 25 – Dec 4, 2023). Both medals were won by him on 100 and 200 meter distances
  • Maria Lobanova, student of Institute of Humanities and Sport, also brought home a bronze medal she earned in Moscow at the Student Sports Stars Russian National Indoors Athletics Open Competition held December 15 to 18, 2023. Her prize came with a third place in 2000 meters hurdles run
  • On December 23, 2023 Surgut first hosted the snow volleyball competitions. These were won by the team of SurGU's Institute of Humanities and Sport composed of Polina and Yekaterina Stepanov, Darya Semysheva and Alina Yelizarenko.

Jan 2, 2024 | Surgeon from Surgut Conducts Demonstrative Operation in Moscow

Sultan Mamedov, once a graduate of Surgut State University's Medical Institute, now a surgeon in SOKB (Surgut Regional Clinic Hospital), has conducted a demo operation using the revolutionary ETEP methodic. His mastery was displayed for the medical practitioners from 18 regions of Russia during a three-day training course on laparoscopic herniology.

Sultan Mamedov has joined SOKB's Surgical Unit 2 around three years ago, after graduating from SurGU's Medical Institute. As per now, his unit performs almost a thousand operations every year, third of which are done by Mamedov.

Becoming a surgeon was Sultan's lifelong dream. At the age of seven, he underwent a complicated operation on his left hip and knee, which later inspired him to become a medic himself. His outstanding studies and assistance in the hospital have earned him the trust of his then future colleagues and the reputation of persistent and daring young man on his way to his dream career. "Medicine is a domain where you have to learn perpetually and always stay up to date. And one can only succeed in medicine, if they sincerely wish to help people and feel it as their purpose", says Sultan.

Dec 29, 2023 | Medical College Held Demo Exams

Medical College held the demonstrational exams December 25 to 28. The exams format was close to this ofProfessionals Russian championship movement, their objective was to test the skill levels of the college's students against the contemporary practical healthcare requirements and standards. In total. 20 students were granted access to the exams, with 12 of them studying in midwifery department, eight more were the clinical lab analysis students.

Exam tasks were close to the real medical practice, including primary preparation of birthing mother to enter labor or conducting a clinical analysis. All participants have shown exemplary performance, with majority of them scoring the excellent grade. The intermediate assessment in close-to-real conditions is held in Medical College since 2022.

Dec 26, 2023 | 2023 Students of the Year named

Anna Bozhenko and Nikita Belsky from SurGU's Institute of Humanities and Sport, both representing the LiS Civil and Patriotic Training Center, have earned the title of 2023's Best Patriotic Organization of the Year. The competition was held in Moscow from December 10 to December 15, 2023 within the national Student of the Year award. The team was facing contestants from 15 other regions of Russia, and showed great results in team's presentation, projecting, master class and intellectual game stages.

Dec 23, 2023 | SurGU Students' Projects Contest Held

Final stage of Students' Projects Contest held in the fall semester of 2023. The traditional event which is hosted since 2021 gave SurGU students a perfect platform to present the results of their research applied to practical tasks. Social, scientific, business, academic and creative projects were evaluated by the experts not only from Surgut State University, but also from Vasily Tatishchev Astrakhan State University, Yaroslav the Wise Novgorod State University and Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University.

The best project was presented by the Institue of Nature and Technical Sciences students. Their projec Yenya the Fox is planned as the animated introductory video for chemistry students and lab staff. The video's aim is to provide instructions on safety and security within the chemical lab facility. The winning team members were awarded diplomas and souvenirs from the University. They were also granted the right to present their project in Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University in fall 2024.

Dec 19, 2023 | Surgut State University the Safest in Ugra

Results of civil defense and emergency management training facilities review contest held by Main Office of EMERCOM of Russia showed that Surgut State University is considered the safest entity of higher education in Ugra, scoring 1,544 points in total. The contest commission reviewed and evaluated normative documents, training and methodical literature on civil defense, technical, visual and informational educational equipment, as well as the individual protective gear, audiovisual footage and training facilities. This, in fact, is the first time SurGU takes part in such contest, claims SurGU Vice Rector for Safety Vladik Khismatullin. Such high results were possible to achieve due to the great amount of attention paid to fire safety in SurGU, and the assistance that Department of First Aid and Emergency Response within Institute of Nature and Technical Sciences.

1544 pts
safety score

Dec 15, 2023 | Young Scientists Conference Hosted in SurGU

10th Science and Innovations of the 21st CenturyRussian national young scientists conference was held throughout Surgut State University on December 15. In total, 15 different platforms, or sections were open during the conference with topics ranging from physics and mathematics to pedagogics and law. Participation was open and free for everyone willing to present their research results to the wider audience.

For many, the conference is a start in their scientific careers. These people are those who is already pushing the Russian science forward, advancing it. It also displays that anyone can be a researcher if they are devoted enough to do it.

Dec 11, 2023 | Institute of Economy and Management Academic Group Claimed Best of 2023

The final, artistic stage of 2023Best Academic Groupcompetition was held on Surgut State University Theater's stage on December 11, 2023. This year, seven groups were competing for the right to carry the title of the Best Academic Group of 2023 and for the main prize, being the trip to Saint Petersburg. Participants' programs included vocal and dance performances. Curators of the participating groups were competing alongside them before the finals. As a result, the title of 2023 Best Academic Group was awarded to group # 406-21 from Institute of Economy and Management. As part of their prize, they will go to Saint Petersburg for a week-long guided tour. The winning group's curator Yelena Dorozhkina has won in the Best Curator subcontext.

Dec 7 – 9, 2023 | InnoLab Project Management Intensive

Surgut State University, in collaboration with Skolkovo Open University and Ugra High Technologies Park, has hosted an InnoLab project management intensive for academic and scientific staff, as well as for students of SurGU. Attendees would learn how to manage projects using the "lean" approach aimed at maximizing results while minimizing resources spent on it. They were also introduced to the specifics of tracker's work, learned how to curate and track projects, as well as how to deploy the HADI cycles methodics to test different hypotheses. 

Dec 7, 2023 | 87 Projects Presented on Tech Start-Up Accelerator

Results of start-up acceleratorTochka otshcheta. Tekhno (Starting Point. Techno) were announced at its final day on December 7. The accelerator lasted since mid-September 2023, and was finalized by a demo day, during which participants presented their projects to the jury and potential investors. 87 projects in total were displayed during the event, of which 24 were to compete for the right to receive financial support of their projects.

Among all of them, one of the most interesting and noteworthy projects was a concept of gingerbread coffee cups. These are, in fact, single-use coffee cups made entirely of ginger bread. Not only are they eco-friendly, but also they are edible – meaning they can serve as a dessert for the coffee. Developers' team, led by SurGU Medical Institute student Andrey Dunayev, are planning to supply their products to cafes and coffee shops, thus entering the B2B sector. Another noteworthy projects include AI-powered document formatting web service aimed at students to help them format their papers in accordance wirh GOST (Russian national standard) and Moodle extension plugin for universities using this platform. The plugin is designed to give students access to grades and timetable online, as well as automate the universities' teaching department work

Dec 5, 2023 | SurGU Best Volunteers Rewarded on Volunteer day

Each year December 5 is celebrated as the Volunteer Day both in Russia and worldwide. For this special occasion, top 50 best students were awarded the 2023 Best Volunteer prizes and diplomas. Guests were eligible to participate in the Kindness Lottery: they were given the tickets which made them eligible for winning the prizes for the event's sponsors.

"Volunteers are people who always commit their deeds out of pure heart. I wish you to remain this way", says SurGU Volunteer Center director Timur Dzamykhov. In Russia, the Volunteer Day is celebrated since 2017.

Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2023 | 2nd Genomic Forum Started in SurGU

Surgut State University hosts the 2nd International Genomic and Biomedical Technologies Forum From Birth to Active Longevity, which takes place from November 30 to December 2, 2023. The Forum welcomes representatives of medical, scientific and educational institutions not only from Russia, but also from Kazakhstan and Armenia.

The Forum offers a number of platforms for discussion and presentation of participants' scientific papers and research results. The entirety of the Forum takes place in SurGU Main Building on 1 Lenin Avenue.

Nov 27, 2023 | SurGU Team Wins Khantathon 2023

Team EDROSEMI of Surgut State University took the first place in the 8th Hantathon, a regional hackathon aimed at the development of IT industry in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra. The contest itself took place November 25 to 26, continuously, in Surgut, with the School 21 IT educational center campus being the platform. Their project, being a web platform for IT startup entrepreneurs, which is planned to facilitate the search of financial and information aid, has won the main prize of 400,000 roubles.

Team's name is an acronym made of its four participants' names: Edmon Tunyan, Rostislav Sazikov, Sergei Kharlamov and Mikhail Kokorin. Their victory at the hackathon is a significant achievement for either them and the University. "Our primary objective was to show that SurGU has a lot of talented IT specialists who are ready to develop the industry in the region and work to serve its good", says Sergei

Nov 19, 2023 | Happy High Education Teacher's Day 

Dear colleagues,

Congratulations on the High Education Teacher's Day!

In the year of our university's anniversary, I would like to highlight the significance of the event which will undoubtedly cause a positive impact on Ugra's innovational development and create perspective conditions for our youth's talents realization.

By the order of President Vladimir Putin, the Unity Park Innovative Scientific and Technological Center will be established in Ugra. In August 2023, the Russian Government's executive order needed to launch the project was passed. This document defines the leading directions of ISTC operations. These include the development of technologies in the field of energetic security, medical research, and development of advanced engineering technologies and materials suited for northern and Arctic conditions.

Surgut State University is selected as the base organization for the ISTC. This is the first time the regional university has become the initiator of the innovative scientific and technological center in Russia.

This achievement was only possible thank to the responsible labor of each of you! You have built such an environment in the university, that is capable of responding to the external challenges and drive university's changes. Your ability to set ambitious goals and consequently resolve problems needed for their achievement will always be a foundation for new victories. 

You gift your knowledge and experience to the students, aiding them in entering the alluring realm of science. Like wise mentors, you shape their mindset by showing them how important it is to be open for positive changes and teaching them to be responsible for the decisions they make.

I wish you to retain your professional dedication! It is your labor, motivation and active citizenship that defines the university's future and the success of our students and graduates.

Best regards,
Sergei Kosenok, Surgut State University rector

Nov 18, 2023 | Your Future Starts with SurGU: Open Day Event Held

High school students were welcomed to Surgut State University on Saturday, November 18, as SurGU hosted the Open Day. School students, as well as their parents and teachers, not only found out about the prospects of education and practice in SurGU, but also were able to feel the bright and fiery atmosphere of studenthood. The Open Day allows the prospective students to receive the most accurate and up-to-date information about the university and gain a deeper understanding of what they want to be as professionals.

During the event, visitors were able to not only get familiar with university's educational programs or partake in various activities, but also get the idea of available extracurricular activities students may do within the walls of SurGU: volunteering, scitech art club, students scientific community and many, many others. Besides, the SurGU graduates shared their experiences with potential enrollees, not forgetting to express their gratitude to the mentors and the university.

Nov 3, 2023 | 12th Folk Culture Festival Hosted in University

For the 12th time Surgut State University held the Ugra's ethnic cultures festival We Are One Nation, dedicated to National Unity Day, celebrated in Russia on November 4. Patriotism, mutual help, unity of generations and preservation of cultural traditions of our multinational, multiethnic country. For twelve years, over 4,000 students have taken part in it, making this tradition live on.

Students from all the SurGU's institutes and Medical College, as well as from other universities and colleges of Ugra came together to showcase their talents on the SurGU Theater's stage. Each team presented the art and cuisine of one ethnicity from the territory of Ugra. Moreover, it's the second time students from India participate in this festival. Its program included not only the concert, but also master classes in folk arts and crafts, tasting the traditional cuisine and ethnic exhibits presentation. Thus, the event has proven that the strength of our country lies in unity of all its ethnicities.

Oct 29, 2023 | SurGU Team Takes Third Place in International Ecology Conference

Surgut State University team made of Alexandra Fil'chak and Anna Antipina, both students of Institute of Economy and Management, and Alexander Korobkin, Institute of Nature and Technical Sciences postgraduate, took the third place in 26th International Ecological Student Conference (IESC 2023), which took place in Novosibirsk, Russia from October 28 to October 29. Conference was hosted by Novosibirsk State University.

SurGU students presented their report in Technologies of Ecosystem Dynamics Monitoring and Management. Carbon Emission Reduction section. In it, they spoke about the estimation of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra low-carbon economy development level, as well as gave practical recommendations on its improving. Workgroup highlights that the research's relevance is supported by Strategy of Russia's Social and Economic Development with Low Greenhouse Gases Emission Until 2050 normative act, effective since October 29, 2021.

Oct 27, 2023 | National Conference on Healthcare

Biomedical technologies and fundamental research, modern medicine and newest treatment technologies – all of this and many more topics were discussed in Surgut State University on October 27, during the 8th Russia-wide scientific and practical conference Fundamental and Applied Issues of Human Healthcare in the North. The event took place in mixed format and was supported by Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra Department of Education and Science and by Ugra Association of Medical Education.

Traditional conference gathered medical scientists, residents, postgraduates and medical practitioners from the entire country. Nine sections were operational during the conference, dedicated to the current issues of medical education, preventive medicine, midwivery, gynecology and perinatology, pediatry, surgery, cardiovascular medicine, internal diseases, biomedicine and technologies for life. Organizers are sure that the results of a fruitful collective work will revolutionize the fundamental and applied medical research in the extreme northern conditions.

Oct 20, 2023 | 20th Conference on Russian History in Memory of Ivan Zakharov

20th scientific and practical conference Russia's Power Will Amplify with Siberia, dedicated to the memory of Ivan Zakharov (1929 – 2004), was hosted in Surgut State University. Being held since 2001, this convention gathers historians, history teachers, museum staff and other history-related specialists to discuss the essential questions of historical science.

Topics involved the Siberian history from pre-industrial era to present day were included in the sectional sessions. Roundtable discussion revolved around electronic and web-based resources that might be used in teaching history. All topics were presented by SurGU academic staff, masters and postgraduate students, as well as representatives of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra cultural and educational organizations.

Oct 10 – 12, 2023 | Freshman's Debut '23

Ttaditional annual contest Freshman's Debut 2023 took place in Surgut State University October 10 to 12. Teams from all six institutes and Medical College presented their art programs on SurGU Theater stage on October 10 and 11. October 12 saw the Debut's gala, which also marked the award ceremony. Programs featured vocal and dance performances, fashion shows, theatric enactments and more.

The Grand Prix of the festival was awarded to the team of Institute of State and Law. Institute of Humanities and Sport and Medical Institute earned the first and second prizes respectively. Third place in the Debut was taken by Institute of Economy and Management

Sep 22 – 23, 2023 | Projecting School in Surgut State University

Surgut State University hosted the "DELAI" (Do!) projecting school from September 22 to 23 within the Week of Kindness taking place in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra. Dozens of students from all around the university joined the forum to learn how to create socially significant projects and apply for Ugra Governor's grant. 

For two days participants would develop and present a project they deem to be significant for society, under the guidance of experienced curators. These projects included an interactive guide to Surgut, a group psychologic support club, and many more. All participants were awarded with certificates of participation and valuable prizes from the forum's sponsors

Sep 14 – 15, 2023 | National Technological Initiative training

Surgut State University hosted a two-day intensive training for first-year students in collaboration with High Technology Park of Ugra, a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating startups and supporting tech projects. The training took place September 14 to 15. During the event, students would participate in interactive lectures, brainstorms and business games to learn the basics of startup project creation and development. Lectures touched upon the National Technologic Initiative's markets, business models, monetization, copyright and roadmap design. Students also were able to find out about Ugra Governor's Grant which can serve as a valuable investment in a project development. During the business games, students had a chance to consult with business experts, all the High Technology Park residents, to get feedback on projects' stronger and weaker sides

Sep 11, 2023 | Tech Start-Up Accelerator Launched

Four-month business acceleration program Tochka otshcheta. Tekhno (Starting Point. Techno) was launched in Surgut State University on September 11. Within following months students will develop their socially significant start-up projects, participate in traction meetings with their trackers assisting and guiding them throughout the entire start-yp development process. The projects must fit into one of three National Technological Initiative markets (HealthNet, TechNet, EduNet) best of which will gain funding from industrial partners for their developments. The final presentation would take place on December 7, 2023.

Sep 3, 2023 | Annual Tourist Rally for First-Year Students

Traditional tourist rally for the first-year students of Surgut State University was held on September 3 within Valikas camp site, with hundreds of freshman-year students from all institutes and Medical College gathering in one area to compete and complete various sportive, creative and intellectual challenges. Curated by the former SurGU graduates, they learned to set up camps, prepared the picnic, and all this within the entourage of Soviet era Pioneers summer camp, thus experiencing yet another level of generations' tight connection and generational inheritance.

The most intense and funny activity was Agiotage quest. Featuring 10 random tasks of varying difficulty, it put freshman students to the ultimate test of creativity, wits and agility, all within the two hours limit. However, the climactic event was the giant campfire, the symbol of unity and friendship. The tourist rally lasted for the entire day of September 3. Institute of Nature and Technical Science team was awarded with a challenge cup and Tourist Rally 2023 Best Team title.

Sep 1, 2023 | Happy Knowledge Day!

Dear colleagues, students, employees, graduates and veterans of Surgut State University,

Happy Knowledge Day!

This glorious holiday not only marks the beginning of an academic year, but also marks our continuous aspiration to new knowledge, development and self-improvement.

It is essential to feel the power of knowledge on this day, and understand that knowledge is a key to success, as the academic year commencing today opens up broad horizons of opportunities.

The University's community is our big and friendly family, as well as an efficient team! I'm grateful to each and everyone of you for your contribution in improvement of both the University and the best traditions of national education system, for strengthening our corporate values such as professionalism, cooperation, unity, labor motivation, continuity, ability to set and reach the goals.

The Year of Educators and Mentors sees the utmost attention dedicated to you, dear professors! Your contribution in shaping world's future is noteworthy and significant.

We express our gratitude and acknowledgement to everyone filling our lives with profound knowledge, helps gain key skills and invaluable experience.

Dear students! May all the knowledge you get within the walls of our University lay a strong foundation for your further professional and personal growth!

I wish all of you good health, success, inspiration and good luck! 

Best regards, 
Sergei Kosenok, Surgut State University rector


August 22 is celebrated nationwide as the Russian National Flag Day. Set in 1994, this day is meant to honor the country's main symbol - the flag that unites people of all generations, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. University celebrated it with a solemn gathering, in which SurGU employees and students, as well as VIP guests and Surgut citizens took part.

The celebration was opened with a solemn raise of the flags of Russia, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Ugra and Surgut State University. Ceremonial speeches were given by SurGU Vice Rector Yelena Konovalova, Surgut City and Surgut Diistrict draft officer Andrei Kalyadin and SurGU Student Council President Danila Prozherin. The ceremony then continued with a flashmob dance performed by the students.

Aug 20 – 31, 2023 | EKAT2023 University International Sports Festival

Surgut State University team is taking part in EKAT2023 University International Sports Festival in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Over 10 disciplines have been put out to the contest, with participants from BRICS, CIS and SCO countries competing against each other. Surgut State University is presented by seven participants from three institutes

  • Institute of Humanities and Sport: Alisa Kotova, Vladimir Gorbunov, Darya Nuyanzina
  • Institute of Nature and Technical Sciences: Dmitry Gnitetsky, Artyom Zaretsky
  • Polytechnical Institute: Nikita Zaretsky, Ivan Khitun

All of them will compete in swimming on different distances. We wish them good luck and victory in the tournament!

participants from SurGU

Aug 15, 2023 | Best SUrGU Students in Altai Mountains

Group of Surgut State University's outstanding students have visited Altai Mountains. Tourist group led by Svyatoslav Bolotov, Vice Rector for Youth Policy, has departed on August 10, the tour itself will last until August 21.

The tour includes hike trips and horseback rides, Katun' river rafting, guided trips to various picturesque natural landmarks, a picnic in Kurai Steppe and many other activities. Students also had a chance of tasting the local cuisine and visiting the apiary. The tour itself is rich in activities, which will definitely leave lasting and pleasant impressions

Aug 9, 2023 | SurGU to Create Professional Education Institute For Indigenous People

Surgut State University suggested the establishment of professional education institute for indigenous peoples of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra. The concept involves assistance and guidance to children and young people throughout the entire education period, including professional education. As stated by Natalia Komarova, the Governor of Ugra, educational programs for 20 specializations are now in active development. The decision was made during the meeting of Ugra Governor with the council of elders of region's indigenous peoples. The meeting took place in Khanty-Mansiysk in Torum Maa Historical Museum

Photo by Ugra Social Media Center

Aug 3, 2023 | Unity Park Scitech Center Approved by Federal Government

Foundation of Unity Park Innovative Scientific and Technological Center in Surgut was officially initiated. The respective decree was signed by the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin. Document defines main directions of the Center's operations. These include development of power security technologies, medical research and development of advanced materials and engineering solutions suitable for arctic conditions. Most scientific sites will be located in Surgut, with Surgut State University being the baseline organization.

Projects developed by the Center may involve both state-owned and private companies. Those who are ready to invest in the Center's development will be granted land and access to infrastructure on preferential terms. 

Jul 31, 2023 | Modern Markers of Gestational Diabetes Studied

Surgut State University's Medical Institute graduate student Laysan Khisamiyeva presented a research of diagnostic significance of glycemic markers during the gestational diabetes (GD). Research was curated by Head of Medical Institute's Midwifery, Gynecology and Perinatology department, President of Surgut Regional Maternity and Childhood Protection Center Larisa Belotserkovtseva and department's assistant professor Yelena Yerchenko.

In her paper, the student conducted a comparative analysis of various glycemic markers in GD diagnostics, pointing out effects and action of each. These markers can not only be useful in monitoring and preventing perinatal complications, but also in development of patient treatment tactic. Researcher states that there is also an interest in studying predictive valley and implementation of serum hyperglycemia biomarkers in practical healthcare.

Jul 26, 2023 | Medical Institute Project Won HSE Contest

Collaborative project of Scientific and Educational Center of Surgut State University and Higher School of Economy's International Bioinformatics Lab has won the Mirror Lab contest run by HSE. Their project centers around the development and implementation of machine learning technology to predict the long-term consequences of acute coronary syndrome. It involves 10 specialists, both from Surgut State University and HSE.

The main objective of this project is the development of a technology capable of predicting unwanted long-term complications of myocardial infarction. To have it fully operational, however, an in-depth analysis of 10,000 patients treated for myocardial infarction in Surgut Cardiologic Center since 2010 is required, apart from the study of risk factor. As of now, only a small dataset is compiled, featuring the data for only 500 patients and the risk factors displayed by them.

The project is to be deployed from 2023 to 2025. After its approval and testing, the scientists plan to patent the technology and expand their experience to other regions of Russia.

Jul 4, 2023 | Over 100 Medical College graduates receive diplomas

Solemn Diploma Award Ceremony was held in Surgut State University Theater to celebrate the graduation of 122 Medical College students, 27 of which have received the diplomas with honor. 70 graduates presented the Nursing program, with 15 of them earning honorary diplomas.

Apart from it, Yunus Salmanov, Surgut Ambulance Station's chief medical officer, called out to the graduates introducing them to job opportunities the Surgut Ambulance Station can offer. The ceremony concluded with all of the graduates passing through the Gate of Knowledge in front of SurGU's Main Building.

Jul 3, 2023 | Medical College Demo Exams

Previous week, June 26 to July 1, 2023 saw the Medical College conduct the demo exams. These exams were held within Professionals Russian championship movement's competitive format. 44 people in total were approved to take the exam, of which 20 were the second-year nursing students and 24 the third-year general medicine students.

All of the exam participants were to complete several tasks close to real medical practice cases, each task should be completed within four hours. The objective of this demo exam was to evaluate the students' ability to meet modern practical healthcare requirements. This format of validation is used by Medical College since 2022.

Jun 18, 2023 | Happy Medical Specialist Day!

Dear professors, employees and students of Surgut State University Medical University and Medical College,

Congratulations on your professional holiday!

Today is a wonderful reason to say the words of gratitude to all the medics for their daily deeds of saving people's lives and health, as well as their devotion to the Hippocrates' Oath.

Each ad every of us appreciates your selfless labor and knows you will always come to our aid. Thank you for your limitless devotion to the job, your responsibility and mercy!

The kindest wishes of prosperity I address to the academic staff. You make conditions for integration of revolutionary research, modern education and medical technology, thus providing the new quality of human life in the North.

According to the last year totals provided by Strategic Initiatives Agency, Ugra holds third place in the medical aid quality ratings, after Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The importance of your contribution in achievement of such high results of regional healthcare development is immense.

The construction of High Biomedical Technology Center has started in Surgut. The center will be part of Unity Park scientific and technological center project to be created in Surgut. I'd like to proudly acknowledge the fruitful results of our scientists' developments of its future research contents.

The goals completed during the implementation of projects included in Priority 2030 program are all noteworthy achievements. The Ugra-Gen medical consortium formed on the Surgut State University initiative and uniting cutting-edge educational organizations and innovative scientific centers.

Both the city and the nation rely on future medical professionals. Dear students and residents! Keep on improving your abilities! You possess a unique opportunity to learn from talented instructors, practicioner doctors who share their knowledge, ideas and invaluable experience. The University is proud of you! I'd like to specially note the generosity of medical volunteers. Wish you all as much power and energy as possible!

I wish all of you good health, high spirits and happiness! May all plans be fulfilled and new far-reaching goals be set!

Happy Medical Specialist Day!

Best regards,
Sergei Kosenok, Surgut State University Rector

May 31, 2023 | Best Graduate of 2023 defined

Edmon Tunyan, Polytechnical Institute graduate studying information systems and technologies, was pronounced Best SurGU Graduate – 2023. Edmon is not only a student, but also a young entrepreneur, being a co-founder of EDRO Tekhnologii company.

Though young, Edmon is a very prominent young professional. Amongst his achievements are a number of mobile apps:CasTus, BioScan, Event Guid, AR Museum and HT Group. Edmon also is twice a winner of Ugra.Start scientific, technological. enterprisal, social and creative start-up projects festival. He also is twice a winner of grants from Innovation Assistance Fund for his projects.

As a prize, Edmon will also have a chance to go on a tour around Altai with 30 best students of Surgut State University

May 31, 2023 | Hard Work is "The Coolest Talent", Says 2016 SurGU Best Graduate

Tarlan Isayev, Surgut State University Medical Institute graduate, and Best Graduate of 2016, is now a successful intensivist and transfusiologist working in Surgut Regional Clinic Maternity and Child Welfare Center. Years of hard work and studies have proven that this is the only right way to achieve success. Today, on May 31, when the Best Graduate 2023 will be defined, Tarlan Isayev shares his words of advice with future medical specialists of SurGU.

"Hard work is the coolest talent," says Tarlan. "There are principles you should stick to and develop for your personal and professional growth. So study hard, do science, manage your resources wisely and work in multi-task mode – this is how you'll get scientific and career achievements!"

May 30, 2023 | Medical College Students At National First Aid Contest FinalS

Medical College team featuringAngelina Kiseleva, Sofia Vasilenko, Rabadan Abdulmanalov and their mentor Oleg Rudenko has reached the final of Human Factor, Russian Nationwide First Aid and Psychological Support contest's student league. Competition was organized by EMERCOM Psychological Aid Center.

Competition included three stages. The first stage, theoretical one, featured a number of questions for participants to answer. Practical stage involved showcasing the first aid and psychological assistance skills in realisticly modeled situations. Third stage was for team captains only, as they had to present master classes in first aid to other people.

May 26, 2023 | 30th Anniversary Gala Night

Gala night dedicated to Surgut State University's 30th Anniversary was held in University Theater on May 26, the Anniversary day. The grand event was opened with Sergei Kosenok, SurGU Rector, recounting the history of the University and the people who first stood behind it in his opening speech.

During the gala night, the best of University's academic and administrative staff were awarded for their achievements in career, scientific, educational and social fields. The Honorary Professor title was awarded to Vladislav Ostreikovsky, Professor of Polytechnical Institute Informatics and Computation Department, and Economy Professor Alexander Groshev.

Badges For Merit to Ugra Higher School were awarded to:

  • Nadezhda Butenko, Assisted Professor of Philosophy and Law Department;
  • Oksana Ischenko, Professor of State, Municipal and Human Resources Management Department;
  • Pyotr Makarov, Assisted Professor of Biology and Biotechnology Department;
  • Viktoria Pavlovskaya, Assisted Professor of Morphology and Physiology Department;
  • Natalya Peshkova, Professor, Head of Physical Education Departmennt.

TheHonorary Doctor of Surgut State University title was awarded to 7th Convocation Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Ugra Duma Deputy Chairman Natalya Zapadnova.

Irina Zhuravel, Professor of Institute of Humanities and Sport Professional and Supplemenrary Education Paedagogics Department, was included in the SurGU Book of Honor. 165 awards were given out in total.

The gala featured artistic performances by the students and graduates of the University, as well as pupils of SurGU's Children Talents Development Center.

May 26, 2023 | Archeology and Marsh Paleoecology Consortium formed in SurGU

Roundtable session on formation of Archeology and Marsh Paleoecology (YUGRA_PaleoArch) consortium was held on May 26. Initiative to launch this project belongs to the head of SurGU Ugra Archeology and Ethnography Center Oleg Kardash and University's leading scientific specialist, director of Severnaya Arkheologiya-1 research and production association Georgy Vizgalov.

The consortium's objective is the reconstruction of human habitat paleoecologic conditions, from the earliest settlements to present days. Working group is up to modeling human life within the process of marsh ecosystems development in the region. The modeling would resort to detailed research of archeological heritage items recovered from the local marshes. Maps of contemporary and historical terrain relief, hydrologic networks and vegetation will be developed to reflect the historical reality the fullest.

May 26, 2023 | Surgut State University celebrates 30th Anniversary!

Dear colleagues, employees, students, graduates and veterans of Surgut State University,

Happy 30th Anniversary of Surgut State University foundation!

Youth, optimism, aspiration for the future, participation in our rich, hospitable and generous region development – these very qualities of socially responsible university motivate us to achieve our ambitious goals!

The world is changing rapidly, education and science are always facing new global challenges that require extraordinary approaches to their solution. Thus, our objective is to constantly get ahead of events while modeling our future.

The university's team successfully deals with demands of today. We promptly respond to the requests from state and society. We have our own style.

Realizing that the university is one of the main state's instruments for ensuring the nation's technological leadership and equal part in global scientific process, we have joined the implementation of ambitious federal projects, such as world-class Western Siberian interregional scientific and educational center or strategic academic leadership program Priority 2030. These projects have let us strengthen our ability to collaborate in partnership, as well as become initiators of several consortiums formation. It is important to note that project management which has entered modern university life practice ensures swift and efficient resolution of many issues that arise in core areas.

I'd like to thank the academic and scientific staff, as well as everyone else who ensures comfortable and safe working conditions for our well-coordinated and laborous collective for outstanding results of their constructive activity, creative approach to business.

Our most important advantage is creating opportunities for youh to display their talents, opportunities for person's professional self-realization within the processes of regionwide and worldwide significance. Our stidemt community shows active citizenship, patriotism, responsibility for its decisions. We are proud of our students, as they initiate challenging ideas and implement them in their projects.

I am certain that all Surgut State University graduates bear the necessity of neverending self-improvement in mind and know how to make their own success formula.

With special words of greeting I address our veterans! Your contribution in preservation and development of the best traditions of national higher school, which ensures our steady advancement, is one of immense value and significance!

Dear friends! Always remember that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Use your skills and knowledge as best and efficient as you can! Let your lifepath be full of interesting events and SurGU's motto "To Think! To Act! To Achieve!" inspire your search for innovative ideas and their subsequent realization!

Best regards,

Sergei Kosenok, Surgut State University Rector


May 24, 2023 | Outstanding Students' Evening

As part of Surgut State University's 30th Anniversary, the Outstanding Students' Evening was held on May 24. Over 50 of the best University students were celebrated during the event. 22 of which were awarded with Honor Board Eligibility certificates. 17 more students were marked as the enterprising and successful, and also awarded with certificates. 30 other students were assigned awards in other nominations, dedicated to sport, volunteering, art, science and other activities.

The ceremony was combined with artistic performances and videos of congratulations. 

May 24, 2023 | Slavic Literacy Day Celebrated in SurGU. New Art Object Opened

May 24 saw students and academic staff of the University gather in front of the Main Building of SurGU to celebrate the Slavic Literacy and Culture Day. This holiday was set on May 24 to commemorate Christian saints Cyril and Methodius, the two brothers who evangelized the Slavs in the A.D. 863.

The celebration was held in the form of a traditional solemn gathering with congratulatory speeches, release of white pigeons and ceremonial march of all guests around the Main Building. However, the 2023 program included the opening of a new art object located right at the entrance to SurGU square. This art object titled Here Begins Your Future is a stylized direction post which displays directions and distances to Russia's different universities. It is meant to symbolize the starting point of any student's educational and career pathway.

May 20, 2023 | Foreign Students of SurGU at Scientific Conference

Seven Surgut State University students from India joined the 4th Higher School Development Perspectives international scientific and practical conference which took place on May 20, 2023 in Surgut branch of Tyumen Industrial Institute.

Curated by Foreign Language Department assisted professor Yelena Orekhova, students presented their research within the Topical Issues of Modern Education section. Their research papers considered the foreign students' adaptation in Russian university, as well as comparative analysis of Russian and Indian educational systems. Many other important topics were also discussed. The success of students' preformance was marked with certificates

May 19 – 20, 2023 | New Trends in Nursing To Be Discussed In SURGUT UNIVERSITY

Surgut State University held the 3rd Regional scientific & practical conference "Topical Issues of Today's Nursing" which took place on May 19 and 20, 2023. The event was dedicated to the upcoming 30th Anniversary of Surgut State University and was curated by Yelena Bubovich, Candidate of Medical Sciences, assisted professor, head of SurGU Medical College.

Participants discussed up-to-date approaches to nursing and learned aboud MRI and CT scan contrast methods. They were also invited to visit different medical workshops hosted by Surgut Regional Clinical Hospital.

May 15, 2023 | Institute of Humanities and Sport celebrates 10th anniversary

Surgut State University's Institute of Humanities and Sport celebrated its 10th anniversary. The ceremony was held in University's Theater and opened with Mister SurGU 2023 Vladislav Apokin reporting on the Institute's achievements and results. Best professors were awarded with Certificates of Honor and thank-you letters from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra Department of Education and Science. Students also were awarded by Institute's thank-you letters for their merit in science, studies and extracurricular activities. Event also featured performances presented by students and graduates

May 11, 2023 | Happy Birthday to Medical College

May 11 saw the 34th anniversary of the Surgut Medical College. Its history began with the Nursing program, and since then the college has grown significantly, in 2019 becoming a part of Surgut State University. Thus, the college has become one of the most prestigious educational organizations of Surgut and the region. Every year dozens of students graduate from the Medical College.

Thank-you letters were awarded to people who set the origins of the college. These people were noted for their professionalism and devotion to their mission. Ugra Department of Education and Science Certificate of Honor was awarded to Aza Rozhkova, Medical College's Vice Director for Educational Work.


May 11, 2023 | SurGU Graduate To Open Game Production Studio

Daniil Chebotkov, a 2018 Surgut State University graduate, is about to set up a video game publishing company. The main objective of it is to establish a video game publisher – an agency which will pitch and curate video game projects created by its contractors from gamedev companies all across Russia. Daniil Chebotkov plans to use the newest artificial intelligence systems to facilitate the ease and lower the costs of game development.

The project was already sent to a student start-ups contest run by Innovation Assistance Fund. It will be presented by the end of May 2023, and is one from over 3,600 projects to be featured. 1,500 winners will be eligible to apply for a 1 million rouble grant for future development of the start-up project.

Apr 28, 2023 | Night in the University

Hundreds of schoo;l students have attended an unusual Open Day event, which was held in the University's Scientific Library on April 28. The "Night in the University", as the event was dubbed, would be featured in the style of a pyjama party, so a number of guests attended it wearing corresponding outfits. This was the first such event ever hosted within the University.

The activities presented featured a quest dedicated to introducing guests to SurGU institutes and educational programs, as well as an entertainment cluster with air hockey, tabletop and video games. There was also a stand-up performance, during which student scientists and entrepreneurs would share their histories of success.

During the "Night in the University", guests were able to earn prize points for participating in activities, which they could exchange for SurGU-branded items

Apr 24 – 28, 2023 | SurGU Students Prized in Eurasian Economics Youth Forum

April 24 to 28 saw the 13th Eurasian Economics Youth Forum take place in the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia. During the forum, participants were able to visit open lectures and congresses of innovators in different fields ranging from business management to engineering. Students' projects were presented during six congresses.

As a result, five students of Surgut State University were rewarded as the finalists of the forum. Teams led by Anna Antipina, Alexandra Filchak and Yulia Chubachuk took the first, second and third places respectively in an applied science contest "Financial Foresight". The International Competition of Youth Business Projects was won by Polina Sharipova and Ilya Makarenko with their project being the concept of shaped cotton candy sale point.

We wish the young and talented ones good luck on their path to success, and to keep on achieving their goals!

Apr 20, 2023 | Social Start-Up projects Acceleration Program launched

Two-month business acceleration program Tochka otshcheta. Socio (Starting Point. Socio) was launched in Surgut State University on April 20. Within two following months students will develop their socially significant start-up projects, best of which will gain funding from industrial partners for their developments. The final presentation would take place in June 2023.

Apr 14 – 17, 2023 | SurGU GameDev hackathon

Within three days students from both our University and schools from all around the city took part in a video game development hackathon organized in partnership with IThub Games studio. 18 teams competed within three different cases, two of which were based on a 2018 movie Tobol, with the remaining case being the drone simulator.

Intense coding sessions took place in the Scientific Library atrium in SurGU Main Building. The end of the hackathon witnessed 11 teams taking the prizes. All participants were awarded with diplomas and souvenirs. The winners' projects (games and prototypes) will be presented on Surgut State University's 30th Anniversary on May 26 for guests to test them.

Apr 13, 2023 | Student Council President Elected

Voting results show that Danila Prozherin, student of Polytrchnical Institute was elected as the new Student Council President. gaining 33.5% votes. Results of the election were announced on April 12 in Surgut State University Theater. Mr. Prozherin will also enter the Academic Council and Board of Trustees of SurGU, as the Student Council President takes part in the university's life at the highest level

Apr 12, 2023 | Student Council President election Day

April 12 saw the President of SurGU Student Council being elected university-wide. Four candidates would compete for the title to lead the Student Council for the next two years. Apart from this, voting was held to elect the heads of institutes' and Medical College's student committee presidents and dormitories' presidents.

Polling stations were open within all University buildings, by dormitories' security stations and in Medical College. Results are yet to be announced April 13 at 16:00 (4:00 PM) UTC +5. Stay tuned.

Apr 7, 2023 | Surgu Comes to EXPO 2023

From April 5 to April 7, 2023, Surgut State University took part in the 22nd international exhibition Education & Career EXPO 2023in Yerevan, Armenia. University was presented by Olga Sharameyeva,Institute of Economy and Management director, and Olga Trukhina, Head of Admission Department.

Main accent during the exhibit was made on presenting the University's scientific magazines, as well as the opportunities for the academic and professional growth and development SurGU may offer. Visitors of the EXPO 2023would find out all necessary information about the institutes and the Medical College, and both school students and their parents were informed about the educational programs provided by SurGU. The platforms like this allow the universities to exchange experience and showcase achievements, thus facilitating the mutually beneficial international cooperation


Day 2 of the 27th annual Georgy Nazin regional students' scientific conference "Science at 60th Parallel" was marked with roundtable discussions, open lectures and workshops for students and employees. Events scale grew larger, as the platforms included not only University buildings, but also Sorgut Polyclinic No, 5 and the newly opened perinatal center on Proletarsky Avenue. Roundtable discussions involved numerous topics and spanned across different scientific disciplines, from law and sports to medicine and psychology. Discussion topics varied from sustainable social and economic development and formation of civil society in modern Russia to perspectives of sports industry in the region and prevention of medical specialists' professional burnout


27th annual Georgy Nazin regional students' scientific conference "Science of Latitude 60" opened in Surgut State University Theater on April 4, 2023. Guests attending the opening ceremony were shown the archival video of an interview with SurGU's first rector Georgy Nazin (1940 – 2009), whose name the conference carries and to whose birthday (April 4) the event is dedicated.
During the opening ceremony, the plenary session was held, which saw scientific papers being reported on. Two students of Polytechnic Institute, for example, presented the medical mobile apps developed by them, which would assist people with diabetes. Later, the conference continued within themed sections.


Mar 28, 2023 | SurGU Esports team First in Ugra

March 26, 2023 saw the regional stage of Russian National Students Esports League take place in Barsovo, Surgutskiy District. The Universoty was presented by 13 players competing in five different disciplines: Dota 2, Counter-Strike, StarCraft, Clash Royale and Hearthstone. Opponents were presented by Surgut State Pedagogical University and Surgut Institute of Economy, Management and Law.

As a result, SurGU players have won the tournament, outperforming the opponents. Next stage of the tournament will be held in online format April to June 2023.

Mar 27, 2023 | University basketball team wins Ural Federal District championship

Surgut State University basketball team UgraBasketwon the Ural Federal District championship among male teams. Playing against the Stary Sobol' basketball club from Nizhny Tagil, our university team has earned its first place in the tournament. The final stage of the competition took place in Druzhbasports center March 24 to 26.

Next tournament up the team's sleeve is Student Basketball Association league. As of now, UgraBasket has made it through 1/16 of the league, and is now awaiting next matches.

Mar 23, 2023 | 25th Anniversary Spring Student Festival hosted

Annual students' talent festival SurGU Style Spring was hosted in the University theater for 25th time, with hundreds of viewers of audience being present at the gala on March 23.
Gala featured the best performances presented on stage. From vocal performance to fashion design show – students proved they can be creative in all senses. Best performances were awarded with valuable prizes, alongside with works featured in non-scenic nominations, such as video, art and media.

The first SurGU Style Spring was hosted in the University in 1998, and since then over 16,000 students took part in the festival. Many participants and winners later found themselves in show industry, on the big stage and national TV shows

Mar 17, 2023 | Institute of Economy and Management hosts Open Day

Surgut State University's Institute of Economy and Management hosted an Open Day for school students of grades 9 to 11. Guests were invited to take part in a quest, during which they would learn about the Institute and its education programs.

Each of the seven stages of the quest presented its own educational program. Potential enrollees would solve logical puzzles and ethical tasks, breaking codes and resolving a modeled conflict. They also were told about the opportunities University grants to its students. The Open Day concluded with a tea party where guests were able to ask their questions to the head of the Institute of Economy and Management.

Mar 10, 2023 | Miss SurGU 2023 contest held, winner defined

Annual contest of intelligence, beauty, elegance and sport Miss SurGU 2023 (also Beauty of SurGU 2023) was held in Surgut State University, witnessing eight participants competing for the title. Young ladies were challenged to not only partake in sportive and artistic competitions, but also to showcase their wits, intelligence and modeling skills, as one of the challenges was set around the gown design.

The main prize and the title of Miss SurGU 2023 went to Polina Andreyeva, student of the Institute of State and Law. Angelina Semenkova from Institute of Humanities and Sport was nominated as Vice Miss SurGU 2023 (runner-up). Online voting was won by Anastasiya Yegorova from Institute of Economy and Management. All winners and participants were rewarded with valuable prizes.

Mar 8, 2023 | Happy International Women's Day!

We heartily wish all ladies of the University a happy International Women's Day!

We at Surgut State University are proud of success and achievements of our talented and ambitious female students, who can easily turn ideas into bright events and fruitful projects. Our glorious ladies within the staff, professors and scientists included, build the creative atmosphere necessary for the youth's education and successfully resolve all the tasks aimed at higher education improvement. All this is possible thanks to their operational mindset.

We wish all our women good health and high spirits, happiness and inspiration. May the International Women's Day bring pleasant impressions and memorable moments!

Mar 1, 2023 | Mister SurGU 2023 defined

Surgut Univesity Theater held the annual contest of courage and talent Mister SurGU 2023, with seven participants competing for the title. Young men showcased not only their achievements in sports, but also intelligence, wits and artistic talents, performing on stage and answering the jury's questions.

The main prize and the title of Mister SurGU 2023 were awarded to Vladislav Apokin, student of the Institute of Humanities and Sport. Andrei Sidenko from Institute of Nature and Technical Sciences was nominated as Vice Mister SurGU 2023 (runner-up). Online voting was won by Elmurza Kalabzarov, also from Institute of Nature and Technical Sciences. All winners and participants were rewarded with valuable prizes.

Feb 25, 2023 | Conference on Hygiene Held in SurGU

February 25 saw medical students and specialists gathering to discuss methodology and discoveries in the field of hygiene. Guests were introduced to the reports on history of hygienic science both in the world and in Russia. The basis of Russian hygienistics was laid by a famed Soviet researcher Galina Serdyukovskaya (1921 – 2004), Doctor of Medicine and USSR Academy of Medical Science member. Hygienic knowledge, as emphasized by SurGU Medical Instiute assistant professor Viktoria Pavlovskaya, is important to prevent the devastating pandemics, as hygiene and history often walk together. 

Hygiene as a preventive medical discipline began developing in the ancient times, and would evolve within the course of history, suggesting more and more advanced methods of diseases prevention and environment management, which helps keep a person healthy. Many countries implement hygienic research in their legal documents and laws accordingly. The first documented experience of implementing hygienic standards dates back to Ancient India, where the first laws on hygiene were included in the Manu code of laws.

Feb 21, 2023 | Hereditary diseases discussed in Surgut University

A conference on hereditary lung diseases was held in Surgut State University on Fbruary 16 to 18, supported by Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Ugra Healthcare Department and other regional and national organizations. Major attention was paid to cystic fibrosis and other hereditary lung diseases.

Three-day conference featured symposiums and roundtable sessions for participants, as well as individual medical consultations for patients with cystic fibrosis. During the sessions, new methods of diagnostics were analyzed, and suggested for national-wide use, as cystic fibrosis, if not diagnosed in time, and with no therapy administered, can be highly lethal. 

Feb 8, 2023 | Happy Russian National Science Day!

Every year on February 8, Surgut State University celebrates Russian National Science Day to mark the significance of science in our lives and to acknowledge the achievements of scholars.

Program of the day included the job fair attended by representatives of enterprises in the fields of fuel and power industry, media, transportation and public sector. The Boiling Point (Tochka Kipenya) business space hosted a number of lectures on business and projects run by University.

The most important part of the celebration was the Ball of Science, held within the atrium of the Scientific Library. The Ball of Science is a traditional solemn event held annually on the Science Day, which also concludes the celebration. At the start of the dance party, young ladies and gentlemen were offered the etiquette master class, after which eight couples would compete for the title of the Ball's King and Queen. This very title was given to Nadezhda Obukhova and Sergei Obukhov, both are professors of physical education. 

At the conclusion of the event, as per tradition, three wishes made by participating students before the Ball start were drawn by the Rector Sergei Kosenok to be later fulfilled. These were: a photo of the Rector together with a students' group (wished by Anastasiya Yegorova), summer vacation with top 20 best students (wished by Yevgeny Mikhailov), and Sherbek Rustamov wished good luck and health to all the guests.

Jan 30, 2023 | Indian Embassy Minister of Education visited SurGU

On January 30, 2023, Surgut State University was officially visited by a mission from India, led by the Indian Embassy in Russia Minister of Education Shri Subrata Das and MediCare Global Education director Jitendra Kumar.

During the visit, Shri Subrata Das met with Oleg Meling, Vice Head of International Cooperation Department for the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra Public and External Relations and Youth Politics Department, as well as Surgut State University higher management. Topics under discussion included diplomatic cooperation and scientific exchange between Russia and India. Sergei Kosenok, the Rector of Surgut State University, acknowledged the necessity of setting and achieving the virtuous goals, such as training new medical specialists. Director of Medical Institute Lyudmila Kovalenko who marked the extensive opportunities for medical education of foreign students. According to her words, the foreign students "contribute to the future of Russia and India".

Jan 27, 2023 | Tabletop Games Festival

The last Friday of January 2023 saw the Grand Tabletop Games Festival Fishka take place in the university. Over 30 students gathered to have fun and play eight different tabletop games together under the supervision of experienced game practitioners. Eight different tabletop games were provided, including Mafia, Codenames, Imaginarium and many more.

The festival was divided into two rounds, with a coffee break in between. At the end of each play round the winners would be awarded with tokens, which then could be exchanged for various merch insigned with SurGU's 30th Anniversary logo, such as USB drives, notebooks, pens and more.

Jan 26, 2023 | India Republic Day celebrated in SurGU

A grand festival was held within the university walls on January 26. All students from India came together to celebrate the Republic Day, India's national holiday.

This year, the Republic Day is celebrated for the 74th time. The day of January 26 was set as a holiday to mark the adoption of the Constitution of India, which was adopted on January 26, 1950. Here, away from home, Indian students have come together for a festival. The program started with a history of the Republic Day, followed by patriotic songs and folk dances performed by the students.

Jan 25, 2023 | Surgut State University Celebrates Students' Day

The Students' Day is celebrated in Russia nationwide every year on January 25. Surgut State University is no exception to this tradition. The celebration started with  featured a number of events to mark the significance of the day. Right in the lobby, every student entering the university were treated to a warm fenberry tea.

One such event was Tea with a Rector. There, the Rector of Surgut State University Sergei Kosenok and the university's Vice Rectors have gathered at a table with the most active students to acknowledge their achievements and to discuss the latest questions. All students were wished good luck and success during their studies and exams.

Jan 23, 2023 | Esports Tournament in SurGU

To celebrate the Day of Russian Students, Surgut State University hosted an esports tournament within its walls. Three most poular competitive console games, FIFA '22, UFC 4 and Mortal Kombat X were chosen by the tournament hosts, and the event itself saw over 40 participants willing to compete and show off their skill. Each discipline was presented as a "best-of-1" competition ladder, with only one winner in each. Winners were awarded with gaming headsets as prizes, and the amount of fun was rather overwhelming. It is important to note that in November 2022 SurGU hosted another tournament, this time it was centered around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a team-based tactical first-person shooter. Tournament hosts believe that our university may become a platform for new esports stars to rise and shine.

Dec 29, 2022 | SurGU Brings New Year Miracles

On December 29, 2022, SurGU students and Youth Initiatives Department employees packed and distributed sweet gifts. Out of 64 sweet gifts, 15 were given to Aprel Kids and Family Supportive Center. Apart from that, students and employees presented an entertainment program for the children fostered in the Center. The remaining gifts were distributed to Surgut Geriatric Center and to the children of conscripts.

All students who took part in the event were awarded with the SurGU's Father Frost badges, which marks their contribution in delivery of the New Year miracle to the families of the city

Dec 24, 2022 | Open Day in Surgut State University

December 24, 2022 saw one of the most significant and grandiose events in the University's life, that being the Open Day. For the first time in two years the event was held offline, having over 300 visitors from different schools of Surgut and Surgut Area. All six institutes, as well as Medical College, were presented at the event, aimed at promoting the Surgut State University to the potential enrollees. Guests would take part in contests and activities organized by the institutes' representatives, as well as get introduced to their prospective tutors and meet new people brought together.

Should you get interested in enrollment, visit to find out more about our programs or see the respective sections on this website.

Dec 9, 2022 | Best Academic Group Defined

On December 9, 2022 Surgut State University Theater hosted the annual 2022 Best Academic Group contest. Six groups from four institutes and Medical College competed, alongside with their curators. Participants presented their artistic performances, while their curators showed off their video presentations and took the "curator exam" as part of 2022 Best Curator contest. The winner of this contest is Lesya Ganeyeva, the curator of Group # 213-01 from the Institute of Humanities and Sport. The 2022 Best Academic Group title was awarded to Group # 402-92 from the Institute of Economy and Management. The group won a grand prix of the contest, that being a one-week tour to Saint Petersburg.