Financial Matters


Financial Matters

When planning your trip to Russia, make sure that your bank cards are available outside your home country or a specific region. Your ability to pay for certain items upon your arrival in Russia is essential. Before coming to Surgut, make sure to take along not less than 6,000 - 8,000 roubles (the Russian national currency). This sum of money will be enough for the first one or two-week stay in Surgut. It is necessary to check the exchange rate of the currency of your country and Russia in order to convert at least the equivalent of 6,000 to 8,000 roubles for your initial expenses. The remainder of your dollar funds could be exchanged after your arrival to Russia. You can also exchange a little sum of money upon arrival to Surgut.

Opening a bank account and exchanging currency

When you come to Surgut, you will have to open a bank account. You will be provided with a bank card to make all necessary payments and purchases. Most banks use only the Russian language, so you will need to request your curator to assist you. It should be done within the first two weeks of your stay so that to get financial freedom. The bank card will also be used for transferring a scholarship or grant (if applicable). You can convert any other currency to roubles for your expenses in Russia when you obtain your bank card. There are many bank offices where you can exchange your currency or withdraw money from your account. ATMs are available in many places too.

Location of several nearby bank offices

  1. Medical Institute (Energetikov St., 22), the first floor – ATM ‘Sberbank of Russia’
  2. Main Building of SurGU (Lenin Pr., 1), the first floor – ATM ‘Sberbank of Russia’
IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to the exchange rates in your country and Russia to receive the most favourable one. Be careful in using the bank cards issued in your country to prevent its blockage in ATMs.