Health issues

HEALTH issues


Pharmacies are scattered around the city and presented in great numbers and variety. You can see a list of their locations on their information boards or online, along with their addresses and phone numbers. Unfortunately, not all pharmacies employ English-speaking staff, and only a few of them use smartphones to help their customers with translation. Should you take some medicine regularly, please make sure to have all the needed items with you upon your arrival. Afterwards, we will assist you in finding the appropriate medication.

HEALTH issues

Important notice

Although many medicines are available in pharmacies, due to the divergence between languages, some differences in the meds' names, as well as formularies or ingredients of medications in different countries may occur. You should be attentive with written cautions to assure you fully understand what pharmaceuticals you are purchasing and how to use them. To avoid potentially dangerous health problems, ask someone knowledgeable about medicine and fluent in Russian to confirm the medication and its dosage. They may assist you while buying or check the information on the Internet berforehand.

There is a number of ways to resolve these problems.

  • First, you may ask a curator for help. A native speaker is in a better position to assist you with the purchase or at least to write down the names of the medicines you want.
  • Second, you may go to the clinic or hospital, where, after professional medical advice, you will receive the comprehensive information about your health problems and medications needed to take. The pharmaceuticals are prescribed in Latin language. Afterwards, you may ask the university lecturers or students for help.