Applicants from foreign countries have to compile a full set of documents which permit their legal stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. 

Step 1

Receiving a visa invitation

Fill out the form which can be found on the university website (all information must be complete).

Send the PDF version of the completed application form and the PDF version of the passport by e-mail to not later than July 1.

Inclose the legalization of education certificates. The legalization procedure should be carried out by applicants themselves before crossing the Russian Federation border.

Wait for an invitation from Surgut State University, which can take up to 30 working days (an invitation is valid for 90 days).

Step 2

preparing the files

While awaiting university invitation, you should prepare a document set for visa application at the embassy or consulate of Russia. 

Required documents list

Your passport or any other state-issued citizen ID. 

NOTE: Your passport or ID must be valid for at least 1.5 more years

Filled application form

An online application form. It can be found on Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website in the Consular Section

2 photographs

3,5 cm x 4,5 cm each

Invitation copy 

Master copy of an invitation from Surgut State University sent to the Russian Federation Consulate and the applicant by mail

Applicant's HIV-negative status certificate

Valid for three months since the date of issue

visa fee payment document

Account details for a visa fee payment can be found in the Consulate office

Once you receive confirmation of documents' legalization, email digital versions of the documents to

Note: invitation and medical insurance are also required to get a visa.

* For applicants under the age of 18 – Parental Consent to Travel for Children under 18 certified by notary is required.

** In Russian embassy, consulate and/or visa application center located in your country you can confirm which documents exactly you need.

Step 3

Visiting Russian embassy or consulate

Once you have a full documents set (including invitation), apply to embassy or consulate of Russia in your country. After passing an interview, submit payment of a student visa fee. The student visa turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

Step 4

Getting the visa


Starting from January 1, 2023, foreign students may apply for educational-purposed temporary residence permit (ETRP, RVPO), according to Section 6.2 of Federal Law On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in Russian Federation (Federal Law). This concerns foreign citizens who study full-time in state accredited Bachelor’s, Specialist’s, Master’s, medical internship or probation assistantship programs, as well as in scientific and pedagogical staff training programs in postgraduate schools in public educational or scientific organizations.

ETRPs are issued for the entire period of education and the following 180 net days after the education is finished. In case of positive decision on ETRP issuance, a corresponding stamp is placed in a foreign citizen’s passport.

ETRP application forms are to be filled out by the applicant either in person or online at National State and Municipal Services Website, and filed to the local migration department of the region of education.

ETRP gives foreign students and postgraduates a number of benefits.

  •  If a foreign citizen arrived in visa order, they are granted a multiple visa valid during the ETRP validity period.
  • ETRP holders do not have to file an annual Russian Federation residence confirmation notice, compared to other residence modes active in Russia.
  • Student or postgraduate who obtained an ETRP may stay in Russia as long as educational program lasts, plus an additional half year, during which they may apply for a residence permit in Russia.
  • Application for residence permit may be filed within three years after finishing the education. No temporary residence permit needed.
  • No confirmation of Russian language, basics of Russian history and laws required.

ETRP is revoked in case of switching to mixed or external studies, as well as pre-term education termination. After ETRP revocation foreign citizen may (if applicable) file an application form requesting a re-issue of an ETRP. The application can be filed without meeting the due periods stated in Paragraph 6 of Section 6 of the Federal Law, but not earlier than one year after the day previous application for temporary residence permit was declined or their previously issued temporary residence permit was revoked.

More information on getting an ETRP can be found on Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs website in Activity section on the Main Directorate for Migration page 

Student visa validity

Initially, student visa is valid for 3 months. In order to extend your visa, you'll need to apply to General Directorate of Migration of Russian Federation's Ministry of Internal Affairs. There, you can apply for a multi-entry visa, which is valid for a year. During this period, you are allowed to stay in Russia or leave and return. Upon the expiration you should apply for extension again and repeat this procedure until the end of your studying.

How to extend a visa

For student visa extension, you should apply to university's International Department no later than 30-40 days before expiration.

The required documents include (but may be not limited to):

  • Application form
  • Photograph
  • International passport
  • Photocopy of a study contract or an assignment for study by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
  • Intercession from University in written and free format, indicating the reason for visa extension
  • Receipt confirming the payment of state duty
  • Detachable section of the notification form (issued during migration registration)
  • Original admission form and its photocopy

State duty for 1-year educational visa is 1,600 rubles (approximately $30). Pay attention that every time after visa extension you should pass migration registration once again.  

ALready have a visa?

Your visa will be automatically renewed for 30 days, starting from the day you submitted documents for entrance examinations.

Before your arrival in Russia

Buy tickets with estimated transfer gap in Moscow or Saint Petersburg being no longer than 24 hours. Send a digital version of your tickets via e-mail to (no later than five days before the departure).


Upon arrival in Russia, every foreign citizen should fill out an admission form and always have it in possession during their stay in Russia. You should apply for primary migration registration with documentation set within two days.

Migration card

The migration card allows to verify that a foreign citizen crossed the Russian border legally. Without a migration card, a foreign citizen can neither live, study nor legally work in Russia. You can get a free migration card form aboard your plane, on a train or at a passport control area of the airport or railroad station. Admission form is valid during the entire time of your stay in Russia. While leaving the country, you should leave it at the passenger security checkpoint. Once returning to the country, you'll have to fill out a new migration card.

Migration registration

Foreign citizens entering Russia should apply for migration registration. For this purpose, you should check in to the dormitory of Surgut State University on the arrival day and provide your passport and immigration card to the office located at 1 Lenin Avenue, office 232. The office is open from Monday to Thursday at 8:00am to 5:00pm (8:00 to 17:00), with lunch break at 12am to 1pm (12:00 to 13:00); on Friday at 8am to 12am. You should provide the following documents:

  • Passport (or any other state-issued ID)
  • Visa (if available)
  • Admission form
In the University you will get a detachable section of the notification form. This is the document of migration registration. It allows you to stay in Russia during the period indicated. Primary document is valid for 3 months, renewed one is valid for 1 year.

How to extend migration registration

Should you want to extend the duration of your stay, apply to the office 232 located at 1 Lenin Avenue. The office is open from Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm (8:00 to 17:00), with lunch break at 12am to 1pm (12:00 to 13:00); on Friday 8am to 12am. 

It can be done before the migration card validity runs out (90 days), but no later than 30 days before its expiration date.