Weather challenge


Clothes and Belongings


When you go to another country, it is high time to think over a few things to prepare yourself. The Siberian winter is severe and prolonged, so you need to take along some warm clothes, including proper headgear, footwear, coats and gloves. The average January temperature in Surgut is about -17 to -22°C below zero, but sometimes it can be as cold as -30° or -40°C. Surgut is a very snowy city so you should have comfortable, warm, waterproof boots with soles that are well-suited to snowy or icy sidewalks. By the way, waterproof boots, a raincoat, and an umbrella are necessary for autumn and spring periods when it can also be windy and wet.


The Siberian summer is relatively short and sometimes rainy with the average July temperature +15-22C° in a daytime and +13°C at night, though sometimes it can reach +27°C and higher.

Shopping & Language

If you do not bring warm clothes with you can always buy things you need here in Surgut. There are many shops and markets where you can find suitable clothes. While the prices in some of the shops may seem to be high for students, it is also possible to buy the winter clothes relatively inexpensively in the open markets. It may be a more practical approach to have what you actually need. Perhaps you can save some money buying things locally, rather than trying to guess what you will need, spending a lot of your money, having to pack everything, and then, perhaps, discovering that what you have brought is not what you really need, after all.

In case your Russian language skills are quite good, you may be able to go shopping on your own, using a list of nearby shops. You may ask about the necessary items by telephone. It is recommended to students to ask for help the curator or other native speakers, who know the city and the shops, and who can help you find just what you need.

Personal hygiene items

We also recommend you to bring certain things you will undoubtedly need like personal hygiene items. For the first few months of your stay in Surgut, your organism will need to get used to new conditions which may cause temporary problems with skin, hair, and nails. It is recommended to bring moisturising cream, hygienic lip balm, masks, and possibly oils or lotion to help your body during this period.