Upon your arrival at SurSU, you will be housed in a room in the Student's Dormitory on Rabochaya St., 31/2.

Currently, student dormitories of Surgut State University are a large complex consisting of some multi-storey, well-equipped buildings. It is a place of living for over 700 bachelor, master, graduate and doctoral students. The apartment-type dormitories comprised of one- and two-bedroom apartments were designed for comfortable living. The rooms are equipped with all modern conveniences: Internet connection, electricity, running water.

The University pays much attention to the students’ safety. Dormitory administration is making all efforts to ensure comfortable and calm life for non-resident students. The students usually have to show their passes to get inside. Surveillance cameras, located on the territory of the dormitories, allow the security offices to supervise the apartments on a round-the-clock shift basis. The dormitories are equipped with a fire alarm and automatic voice systems providing a signal output to the central control office.

The doors of Surgut State University are open to all who want to study here, regardless of the origin or the place of living.

Student dormitories are located in the micro-districts 33 and 18 at the addresses:

  • Surgut, 30 Let Pobedy St., 60/1;
  • Surgut, Rabochaya St., 31/2 (for International students);